extensive network of world hospitals

Step by step

With you step by step until your recovery, God willing

Specialist Physicians

highly experienced physicians

Our Services

Pre-treatment services

  1. Preparing medical reports and providing a quote for the approximate cost of treatment.
  2. Visa services and flight reservation
  3. Book appointments for medical treatment

Services during treatment

  1. Providing an employee to receive the patient from and to the airport
  2. Providing translator and utilities
  3. Arranging hotel reservations and restaurants
  4. Providing resorts for recovery

After treatment services

  1. Follow up the patient and the medical reports
  2. Shipping medicines to the patient in the event that they are not available inside the Kingdom

Send Reports

Send your reports to several medical centers

Fully coordination

Fully coordinate to secure the medical trip, upon your request

Best Offers

Consider the best and offer to you

Convenient options

Secure the whole trip or treatment only, upon your request

specialized translators

Provide specialized translators during medical trip

Wellness Gate

We saved your time to search for the best world hospitals and spas for you and your family.

Our experts have searched for the best medical centers providing integrated medical services to put them in your hands as (a way of wellness), God willing

From among the countries worldwide, we have selected the best medical centers to provide you with their international medical services.

To form the link between you and such centers, we carried out the search process as your health is our goal and your comfort is our dream. Since there are patients and physicians, we have been keen to facilitate the way.

Who We Are

Rihlate Medical services, a Saudi specialized medical coordination institution with qualified experts and consultants, giving it a prestigious level among other medical centers, is keen to select the best and provide advice to its clients on medical trips to save their efforts and money.


Please fill out the application and attach your medical reports and x-rays.

    Our Destinations

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